Modern picture frames are defined by their sleek and clean appeal. Previous interior design eras were defined by distinctive flourishes: the graduated steps, shell curves and gleaming metals of Art Deco. The intricate carvings and opulent gildings of the French period. The undone and raw textiles of the Industrial Design styles.

But modern picture frames are an amalgamation of contemporary and Scandinavian styles, defined by clever absences rather than intricate additions.

This means a modern photo frame has an appealing and practical versatility. They allow artwork and photos to be presented in their fullest splendour.

And modern picture frames are much more than plainly coloured rectangles. They encompass minimalistic design, natural woods and distressed finishes. And, as we’ll discuss in this blog, they can even appear distinctively fancy.

Modern art framing ideas

The dominant style of our homes’ interiors is minimalism. It is very likely that most of your rooms are decorated in this style – and this makes your home perfect for modern picture frame displays.   

The most appropriate artwork style for both this interior décor and modern photo frame style is modern art.

This art style refers not to complex and inscrutable abstract creations, but rather the tyles of art produced between 1860-1970. In other words, most of the art styles you are familiar with, and most likely the art style you already have on your wall.

It might be prints of Van Gough or Andy Warhol, black and white photography of Paris, or a painted series comprised of monochrome colours.

Like modern picture frames, modern art is defined more by what it emits that what it contains. In this sense, it is perhaps best to think of modern art as a rejection of traditional and formal types of art.

Once you’ve settled on the type of modern art you would like, you can begin to select your ideal modern art framing ideas…

Modern Art Framing Ideas Photoframes and Art

If you’re considering using location photography prints, the Oxford Photo Frame is a stylish and contemporary choice.  It is finished with a delicate grain and glass window and is one of our most popular wall mounted photo frames.

This it is because it provides two advantages to these types of prints. Its minimalist design allows the print to deliver all its artful appeal to the observer and gives it a smooth contemporary feel.

Because the white of this modern photo frame will align with the whiter tones in the print, it will fit assuredly into both muted or more colourful rooms, especially when presented in a gallery-wally type display.  

Modern Photo Frames Album Cover Frame

With the increase in apartment and loft-style living, modern picture frames are beginning to reflect the aesthetics of urban living. This means our cultural tastes can be housed in frames designed to showcase the iconic artwork that has shaped our film, theatre and music memories.

As the rise of type of dwelling has increased, so has our return to vinyl, outselling CDs for the first time since 1987. The perfect way to capture the cool essence of the zeitgeist is with the 12” Vinyl Album Cover Black Frame.

Modern photo frames living room Photoframes and Art

A modern photo frame doesn’t necessarily mean the frame can not be part of the artwork display. When we browse art galleries exhibiting pre-modern art, we notice the frames are a significant part of the display.

The Contemporary Edge Photo Frame (below) comes with a thicker frame that uses a modern style – sleek, slick, absent of intricate flourishes. The thickness of the frame means it can both enhance a photo and artwork and become part of the artwork itself. The gunmetal silver finish works especially well with black and white photography and monochrome art.

Contemporary Edge Photo Frame Photo Frames and Art

Fancy picture frames

Fancy Picture Frames Photo Frames and Art

The Sussex Ornate Photo Frame is an another example of how modern picture frames can unite with gallery-style presentation fancy picture frames. Indeed, it develops the aesthetic further, using very subtle detailing rendered in a contemporary distressed finish.

The result is a modern picture frame that incorporates a somewhat vintage feel. The frame can bring a vintage feel to rooms with contemporary décor - or a contemporary feel to rooms with a vintage décor.


Kayleigh Jordan