If you’ve ever found yourself reclined on your couch, imaging a bare wall adorned with perfectly presented living room photo frames, you’re in good company.

It’s something of a modern dilemma. We have widely and enthusiastically embraced clean minimalism, with little clutter and lots of clean space.

And then, we decide a living room wall is a little too bare, so we concoct in our minds a creation of photo frames to add a warm, personal touch to a blank and empty space…

So when it comes to decorating with living room photo frames, it is best to follow two guiding tips.

Firstly, you want to avoid cluttered and over-decorated displays. Once you have decided on the arrangement, aligning the frame with its contents will assure an appealing, coherent display.

Displays that work especially well with living room photo frames can be divided into four broad categories: Wall art, prints, photo walls and large frame arrangements.

Our guide will help you select the perfect frame and display for your home.   

Top Frame For Living Room Wall Art

top frames for living room wall art

Displaying art in place of photos allows you express your individual tastes in a more abstract, design-friendly way.

The Hoxton Photo Frame is subtly intricate enough to not overwhelm your chosen artwork. Its light embellishment provides a little gravitas to your display and comes in three neutral tones – black, while and gunmetal silver.

This makes it the ideal photo frame for a living room wall art collection. It avoids distracting from the content of the frame yet is detailed enough to avoid being bland.

The success of living room wall art is dependent on the selection of its colour themes. A good rule to remember is: frames to match the secondary room colours, artwork to offset the walls.

For example, the frame colour should match the tones of couch legs, pillows and coffee tables and the colours of the art should offset the colour of the walls. This smoothly aligns the various styles and themes.     

Top Frame For Living Room Prints

top frame for living room prints

When hanging living room prints, we generally want to follow the same principles of hanging wall art.

The significant difference is that prints tend to be more colourful and distinctive. That makes a simpler frame like The Oxford Black Photo Frame  ideal. It will allow the content of the frame to radiate its fullest charm.

Selecting a black living room photo frame, where possible, is a wise choice. Since most living rooms can coordinate with black - and most prints offer busy, colourful patterns - this tone allows you to harmonize the room with the display.

Ensure that your spacing, colours and proportions are consistent and restrained. A misstep or two can render the display garish and overcrowded.

Top Frames For Living Room Photo Walls

top frames for living room photo walls

It may be a little disconcerting to those of us who grew up with film photography, but photos are now a distinctly vintage medium. And to fully exercise all their nostalgic prowess, a vintage piece such as the Wooden Photo Frame  allows you to present photographs with synchronicity.

Best utilised as part of a gallery wall of family, friends and lovers with the odd location shot or framed mementos to allow larger exhibits to breathe a little.

Top Large Frames For Living Rooms

top large frame for living room

Statement frames on large, undecorated living room walls can bring new life into our existing décor. Selecting a frame such as our Provence Cream design will hold art, photography and retro prints equally well.

Since larger frames work well with impactful designs, the cream tone will allow your chosen artwork or photography to flourish. It works equally well with black and white photography and graphics, its floral engravings adding a touch of romanticism.

If you are considering a gallery wall, the Provence frame makes an ideal centrepiece from which to build the gallery around. Rather than utilise the same living room photo frame, match the tone of the frames to the Provence to allow it to have maximum impact.



Kayleigh Jordan