Poster frames allow us to exhibit our favourite movies, music and vintage obscurities. Mounting your posters in poster frames transforms a simple print into alluring art, enhancing and emboldening your décor. A well-chosen poster frame is an effortless way of bringing new life into tried interiors.

Perhaps you own a print of a life-changing concert, or a poster of the heart-melting star of your favourite film? Or maybe retro advertisements for some kitsch and long-forgotten product are more aligned with your décor?

Whatever your preference, our guide to wall poster frames will ensure your displays look resplendent, maximising its character and drawing out its artfulness.  

Best frame for contemporary posters

A2 Oxford Photo Frame in White Photoframes & Art

If your posters tend towards the minimal, then unintrsuive wall poster frames are your best option. You’ll require something sleek and muted, avoiding overly ornate embellishments.

The A2 Oxford Photo Frame in White makes for the ideal contemporay poster frame. It featues a delicate grain finish to add touch of design elegance without imposing on the poster iteself.

The white finish will extend the canvas if the poster is prominantly forgrounded over a white background. As seen above, the light works to cast lite shadows, forming a sublte, almost invisible, border.

This poster frame also works splediddly with black and white posters and photgraphic art. When it is necarssary to let the poster speak for itself, the muted, clean and contemporay Oxford frame is your ideal purchase.


Best frame for vintage posters

A2 Shabby Chic Frame

A vintage print permits a more stylised poster frame. In this instance, the poster and frame are both integral to the display.

Wall poster frames that have a vintage design – such as the A2 Shabby Chic frame in black  – are perfect accompaniments for the prevailing vintage interior trend.

The types of vintage poster design styles that work especially well with this frame are Art Nouveau, Art Deco and 1950s retro ads.  Any posters that incorporate these modes of design will find a suitable companion piece in the form of the Shabby Chic frame.

Since graphic design from those periods often blends multiple colours and/or fonts, the neutrality of the black will temper the poster design. This delivers a refined quality that allows it to be hung in any room inside the home.

Best frame for landscape format posters

Milano Photo Frame Photoframes & Art

Posters in the landscape format will find a happy home in the Milano Photo Frame. In its natural wood grain finish, it works particularly well with a popular type of poster that arrives in this format – the movie poster.

The Milano Frame will help to convert a pop culture advertisement into an interior décor piece. This is a critical process for newer movie posters, whose familiarity and bombastic designs sometimes necessitate domestication.

If you are grouping together several movie posters, this frame brings a coherence to the display, taming the multitude of colours, fonts and design styles.

Posters that feature maps, topography or geography sit equally comfortable within this poster frame. Hung in a study, office or reading area, the frame lends and a scholarly quality to the posters it houses.

Best small poster frame

Oxford A4 Photoframes & Art

Smaller posters tend to be more playful and bolder. Prints of iconic magazine covers, cultural icons, postcards and graphic art are popular types of A4 poster.

In that same jovial spirit is the Oxford A4 small poster frame that comes in 7 lively colours, heightening the impact of the poster.

The key to selecting the correct frame is to pick out a secondary colour from your chosen poster. Then match your frame to that colour – and watch your poster revitalise your room.

The Oxford works especially well in gallery wall displays, so if you’re harbouring an A4 poster collection, locate a large, clear wall and utilise your visual creativity.

Kayleigh Jordan