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Sometimes, homes demand to be furnished with décor that has something … extra. Perhaps a clean, contemporary space requires the intrigue of an unusual picture frame? Or a newly furnished room may need a crowning centrepiece of an unusual photo frames wall?

A room that is pleasurable to spend time and dwell in requires character. This can be achieved with little more than a wise selection of frames, cleverly displayed around the home.

We’ve selected from our collections to present the best of unusual and unique picture frames. Below, you’ll discover picture frame ideas to inspire a creative reimaging of your soon-to-be enticing rooms…  

Be Bold

Picture frames with strong colour and pattern combinations work to draw eyes towards them, and the Walnut Milano Veneer Multi Photo Frame, will attract the gaze of any guest, visitor or homeowner.

 Walnut Milano Veneer Multi Photo Frame Creative Room Decor

At distance, it’s configuration could be taken for a chic leopard print design. This can lend a unique contemporary style to a room, ideal to artfully modernise your interiors.

On closer inspection, the pattern presents rich walnut swirls that could hang pleasingly in a reading area, office or study.

Wherever it is placed, this unusual frame emits an alluring blend of high-fashion and abstract art, making it a must-purchase for those that wish to introduce distinct character into a room.                                       

Frame an album

Oxford Black Photo Frame with White Mount Unusual Picture Frames

Picture frames principally hold memories of loved ones, family, friends, holidays and cherished moments. But is there any medium more evocative than music? Memory mood and feelings are summoned the moment we are hear a favoured song.

That’s why the Oxford Black Photo Frame With White Mount is perfect and singular way of mounting  emotion and meaning, and is a great addition to photo frame walls in particular.

The neutral black frame allows for the most impactful album covers, making this frame a striking addition to parts of the home where relaxing is prioritised above all else. There are abundant options when thinking about unique things to frame, but a treasured album is our overwhelming choice.

Use quirky photo frames

Olympia Glossy Photo Frame Creative Room Decor Photo Frames & Art

Until very recently, interior trends have tended to subtle and austere styles. Now, with the maximalism trend becoming mainstream (the Instagram feeds of interior designers are quickly becoming maximalism exponents) personalisation and quirkiness are prominent.

There has never been a more apt time to display unusual photo frames rendered in playful colours. If, like many homeowners, you home leans to the more minimal then introducing an Olympia Glossy Photo Frame can deliver a burst of the spectacular.

These frames - which come in lilac, light blue, pink and purple - also provide a great starting point with which to begin a newly decorated room. Why not embrace the joys of maximalism and make your room as unique and individual as possible, with items, ornaments and mementos curated to your satisfaction?

Use distressed frames

 Exmouth Distressed Photo Frame Creative Room Decor Unusual Picture Frame

Most of our lifestyle choices now come with considerations of sustainability. Interior design choices are no exception, bringing with it the return of vintage décor trends. It is a key reason, in fact, why we are seeing a new demand for unusual frames.

And while you may have sustainable pieces dotted about the house, the practicalities of decoration will mean not each piece can meet those admirable ideals. To keep your aesthetic aligned, the Exmouth Distressed Photo Frame delivers a vintage feel that maintains the style of sustainable and vintage homeware.

Of course, the frame can also be introduced into more neutral settings, providing distinctive charm that welcomes black and white photography or classic scenic shots.

Embrace the future

Modern Contemporary Edge Unusual Photo Frame Creative Room Decor 

Our last selection faces squarely towards the future, the sleek and laterally composed Modern Contemporary Edge 26x6  brings a decidedly cutting-edge feel to photo frames.

Best utilised amid minimalist décor, this photo frame carries vivid pictures or photographic arts perfectly, presented in a unique and unusual creation. The extremes of the colour spectrum work especially well, with either black and greys or bright pinks, blues and yellows alternating on each proceeding square.

An ideal addition to photo frame walls, placed amongst similarly contemporary frames, this frame works as a focal point from which to branch out your wall display.              

Find your unusual picture frame solution

To discover more unique photo frames, browse our entire collection of picture frames. 

August 13, 2021 — Kayleigh Jordan

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