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Quote prints can do alone what all home décor attempts collectively – transmit our personalities and tastes, transforming our houses into homes.

This makes quote prints a cost-effective, efficient way of bringing life into a room. Their versatility means each room can adopt a theme – colour, style, ambience – that can be encapsulated in a single frame. Interior designers increasingly use them to complete a room, crowning décor with a flash of personality that reflects the family, homeowner, or occupants’ tastes.

Expect 2023’s interior design trends to once again champion the quote print. But before we look at the types of prints, let’s discuss what makes them different to regular prints.  

What are quote prints?

Quote prints are a combination of art and quotations that combine to make a contemporary interior décor piece. Usually housed in neutral frames, they contain inspirational quotations drawn from film, literature, art, or music – but can be found on almost any niche – including, of course, décor itself.

Graphics are generally bold and colourful, and quotes are memorable and pithy. The idea is to reflect personality and style in a single print. This has made quote prints – in comparison to regular art prints – popular because of their specificity in reflecting personal taste.

Family quote prints

Family Quote Prints

An enormously popular type of print is the family quote print. Often, these have a comical slant, sprinkling a living space with the type of convivial and warm atmosphere of the ideal family home.

Our Word Up "Rapper's delight by Honeymoon Hotel" Black Framed Print is one of our biggest selling black and white quote prints, its neutrality, meaning it fits into a range of contemporary interiors. And, of course, anybody that lives among family cannot dispute the quote too much ….

For those that have a monochrome theme around the home, the timeless colourway and font utilised on the print will enhance your black and white interiors effortlessly.  

Bedroom quote prints

Bedroom Quote prints

The colourful bedroom has become an unexpectedly popular interior trend. In turn, bedroom quote prints have become equally vibrant.

It was once de rigueur to own bedroom prints with cosy quotes in cosy colours. Now, we can instil energy into the bedroom, letting our quote prints awaken us with a little more vigour.

That’s why we love the Brightside by Holligraphik bedroom print. We like the idea of waking up on the right side of the bed, with a bright and cheery demeanour, inspired by one of our favourite tunes.

Inspirational quote prints

Inspirational quote prints

The popularity of inspirational quotes on social media has borne an entire interior industry of inspirational prints.

A quick scroll through your social feeds will quickly turn up some inspirational text. However, we like our inspiration to be accompanied by equally inspiring photography. We feel it adds a little extra to both the interior and the quote itself – and we want our rooms to be more than just reflections of our social media feeds.  

Our current favourite is the ‘Life’ White Framed Art Picture, its stunning backdrop capturing the feel of the words it represents. And what better way than to draw out a touch more productivity in home offices and workspaces than with some succinct motivation?  

Kitchen quote prints

Kitchen Quote Prints

A favourite location for quote prints, the kitchen is a natural home for levity and light-hearted sentiment. And, like bedroom interiors, we’ve seen an explosion of colour and playfulness utilised much more in the kitchen space.

We love the idea of bold typography hanging from the kitchen walls. And, remember, a kitchen is not just for cooking, but for pouring your favourite post-work, pre-weekend drink too. There are lots of homely and endearing kitchen quote prints that you could select from, but we prefer a shot of instant cool.

Our Kitchen quote print choice is this Oasis-inspired Gin and Tonic quote print, and its retro, slightly trippy font. It’s artful enough to work as both décor and mood-lifter. And that, in essence, is why quote prints remain a favourite in homes and beloved of interior designers.

Kayleigh Jordan

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