Cool Art Prints for Every Room

With the New Year fast encroaching, our homes will all soon be filled with guests spilling out of every entrance. Now is the time to get decorating and freshen up any rooms looking a little drab. New Year, new home, anyone?

One easy way to go about this, if you’re not looking to go in big with removable wallpaper or a fresh lick of paint, is to invest in some quality framed art.

Now, when a lot of people go to redesign their walls, the common instinct is to leisurely purchase items and then go with what feels right. And, while we thoroughly support examining art by what resonates with you, people often overlook the fact that you must also consider the scale – not only if they fit your designated wall space, but also how well your awesomely cool art prints fit together.

It’s also worth considering whether you want a uniform look, with matching frames, or whether you want each piece to emphasise its individual personality and have them mismatched. If you’re hesitant over drilling holes in your walls, you can opt for a lower commitment hanging, and use command strips instead. These will keep your walls unscathed, plus you can then regularly have a swap-out of art around your house to keep things fresh!

Without further ado, here are our top picks for cool art prints for every room, so you can bid adieu to those tired walls forever.

Cool art prints for your hallway

A2 cool art prints for hallway

Hall Image

Set the tone of your home’s atmosphere with this warm, rustic print and lift everyone’s mood to the easiness of summers spent under the sun.

Create visual impact by pairing it with tall potted plants, which would take up vertical space in those hard to decorate areas. Additionally, the greenery would produce bright contrast, adding to the feeling of being beamed on by the sun.

For a smoother, lower impact visual value, decorate the surroundings of Uva Grass by Sundry Society with some pampas grass nearby, for an effect that evokes ancient Greece.

A3 cool art prints for hallway

A3 Wall Prints

Perfect for a student shared house, this Pink Van can act as a kind reminder for better things to come, once they’re over with the dreary exam season.

Student or not, this piece is equally delightful just as a nod towards the joy of travelling, whether it’s to California or the supermarket: every journey can feel like an adventure with this in your peripheral!

Cool art prints to perk up forgotten corners

A3 cool art prints for forgotten corners and nooks

Cool Art Prints

Neon lights are one of 2021’s biggest décor trends, creating an atmosphere that is simultaneously futuristic and nostalgic. Why spend several hundred pounds on a captivating neon light when you can achieve the same effect with this art print that pops?

For a burst of colour and injection of energy, install Dance All Night into an awkward nook in need of a little flavour.

We think that Dance All Night would do particularly well into a communal social area, after all, why not share the fun? Although, this print would do big things for a vibey bedroom!

A4 cool art prints for forgotten corners and nooks

A4 Prints

This retro art print, Wonderwall, would get its time to shine in a neglected corner or dark wall in need of brightening.

We can see this piece reviving the warmth of a cold downstairs bathroom, in which you’d want colourful art prints to uplift the energy and sense of the room. This way you emerge feeling revitalised and truly refreshed.

This art print would do well cast against grey bathroom tiling, with the neutrals blending into the border, making the word art pop. Equally, you can background this abstract print with any of the colours found in this piece; with such a fun print, you’ll be spoiled with options.

Cool art prints for your kid’s room

A2 cool art prints for your kid’s room

Kids Prints

Choosing artwork to cater to your children’s tastes is often parents’ chance to go a little wild with design. Still, despite the temptation to let loose, keep in mind the mood you’re hoping to set. If the room purpose is for your children to play and be creative in, feel free to go all-out with colour. Whereas, if you’re finding your children face a trying time getting to bed, it might be wise to opt for a calming colour scheme. 

Remember, calming doesn’t have to mean boring! You can still acquire a captivating piece, we recommend this intellectually stimulating Sea Creatures piece by Amber Davenport. We like how it invigorates the imagination and the learned mind, capable of growing with your child from infancy through childhood. Its colours are solid without being overpowering, so washes the room with a mellow but vivid essence. 

Cool art prints for your teenager’s room

A3 cool art prints for teenager’s room

Teenage Prints

All teenagers need to express themselves. You can help them on this journey and turn it into a bonding experience by collaborating on design and bouncing ideas off one another.

Inevitably, in their journey, they’ll want to carve out a space that’s just for them and resonates with their ‘vibe’.

Let them declare their territory with this uplifting poster, Happy Place. Plan for a layout and colour scheme around their artwork, and you’ll help them create a bedroom they feel at home in. Better this than the local car park, right?

Cool art prints for your bathroom

A3 cool art prints for forgotten corners and nooks

Sea Prints

With bathscaping, the art of transforming your bathroom into a relaxing sanctuary, being Instagram’s latest interior trend, you might be looking for ways to level up your bathroom.

Introduce Sands of Gold to your bathroom for an atmosphere that inspires feelings of tranquillity and wellness. This beautiful print speaks to the senses on an audio-visual level, making you feel like you can hear the lapping of the ocean in your mind’s eye.

A4 cool art prints for your bathroom

Cool art Prints

If you love all things vintage, make sure your bathroom is in keeping with the rest of your home with a retro design. Vintage is one of the most popular trends of the last decade that just keeps on growing.

Pick your vintage bathroom style: country chic with clashing floral prints and feminine accessories, paired-back neutrals with shabby chic details, or pretty pastels with a modern edge. Each of these themes will give an entirely different result, but they will all look fabulous in any vintage-themed home.

We recommend At The Beach by Sisi and Seb, this aesthetic hails from the ‘90s, emitting safe and wholesome vibes, when everything felt so much simpler. With a filter that evokes the subtle nostalgia of film photography, it can slip into a more modern, clean bathroom without needing the whole space to be vintage, too. Being more of a versatile piece, it’s simply timeless.

Cool art prints for your kitchen

Kitchen trends are a bit of an elusive thing – unlike beauty and fashion where phases begin and end in a flash, what’s hot in kitchens is more gradual and subtle.

However, when trends appear, they’re no less striking than their stylish counterparts, plus they come with the reassurance that they’ll last through the various tests of time.

A2 cool art prints for your kitchen

Lemon Print

This Yellow Lemon is a treasure for those enthralled by the friluftstliv (pronounced “free-loofts-liv”) trend, which is closely related to hygge, and embraces elements of the outdoors within, roughly translating to ‘open-air living’ in Norwegian.

Friluftsliv is perhaps so popular as it offers shoppers a connection to nature and its calming, grounding effects. This trend, as a zest for bright colours and natural forms of fruit and veg, boils down to the new-found light-hearted approach to interiors that has grown over the last year.

Not to mention, yellow and orange makes people feel hungry, meaning you’ll always have appreciative guests when you serve up!

A3 cool art prints for your kitchen

Quote Print

Got hooked on the cottagecore trend lately? This trend blew up over the pandemic, as people reconnected with nature and found its inherent joys.

Essentially, the aesthetic evokes a nostalgic yearning for simpler times, free from technology and stress. As popular photographer Rebecca says, ‘cottagecore is a concept symbolising cosiness at home’.

That, paired with the neutral pink and solid green, makes this Drink Good Coffee art print super on-trend. With multifarious shades of green being declared Colour of the Year for 2022, this piece will stay trendy all year round (and the next!)

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December 22, 2021 — Kayleigh Jordan

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