Ready to feel inspired by your home’s interior again? While we’re firm believers that your home should be your haven, we also firmly believe in the stance that your home should be uplifting and mood-enhancing. You’re going to spend a ton of time there, so it's worth all the investment!

Regardless of your style, here we have wall art décor ideas to suit every aesthetic. Whether you’re a minimalist, maximalist, traditionalist, or a modernist, we have you covered! Read on for the ultimate wall inspo, bound to thrill you all the way to design completion! 

Hallway Wall Décor Ideas

hallway wall decor ideas

Source: ArchZine FR Pinterest

Take your gallery wall up a level by adding a literal spotlight above it. A light sconce or spotlight ceiling bar would work just as effectively. We like the matching, simplistic modern black frames as while it accentuates the images, it allows the spotlighted photographs to remain centre stage.

Interior designer Jean Liu experimented with this idea, but with artwork, allowing paintings to determine the colour scheme throughout the room. She tempered the pops of colour with neutral tones on the walls and furnishings and incorporated lots of rough texture to add variety. Pinning the rest of the room back meant that she could have a colourful, fascinating piece, while still having a calming ambience in the room.

Bedroom wall décor ideas

Bedroom wall decor ideas

Source: Gemma Louise Pinterest

If hanging up frames with drills and nails isn’t appropriate for your property, you can lean your framed artwork against the wall, rather than drill a hole to hang them- this is perfect for those who prefer a lower commitment to restyling!

The bed, at the centre of the room, becomes the focal point, and creates an atmosphere of quiet comfort ideal for a bedroom. You can choose to take it up a level and switch out the minimalistic frames with gilt frames and have them overlap to strike a balance between formal and casual.

Or, as a further alternative, choose vintage frames with collared edges to create a shabby chic aesthetic for a laid-back, effortlessly cool, visual value.

Living room wall décor ideas

living room wall decor ideas

Source: Melanie Jade Design Pinterest

A surprising take on hallway decorating is incorporating unexpected textiles. Create aesthetic intrigue by painting the wall a deep colour, and then hang a bright, vibrant tapestry, or woven wicker piece above the sofa. It’s a great way to vary texture and give new meaning to old pieces.

Here, we see how the wicker baskets tie in nicely with the rug and brings all the other soft furnishings together. The light accents work against the deep, dark wall, giving the illusion of a larger space.

Dining room wall décor ideas

Dining room wall decor ideas

Source: Jeweled Interiors Pinterest

For the minimalists, you can hang your art on the wall and call it a day. But for the maximalists who prefer to go the extra mile, why not hang your art over a mural wall for that extra added impact?

Double the art, double the impact. The intricate wallpaper is juxtaposed by the more straightforward art, which commands attention due to its large size and wide bordering. Create differentiation with a solid frame and mimic the juxtaposition of the art for a look that pops.

Here, the placing of the modern artwork on a classic and regal mural wall creates contrast and a touch of sophistication.

Modern Home Office Design Ideas

modern home office design ideas

Source: Office Snapshots Pinterest

Who said frames were only for framing? You can make your own DIY wall art with artistically placed frames for a look that is totally unique to your home.

Painting your home office with this deep, dark palette gives a super sleek look, and, paired with the colourful frames, gives the walls the perfect shot of sensual stimulation to invigorate your spirit.

Experiment with fun shapes and sizes, and even try overlapping the frames for a geometrical aesthetic.

Narrow Hallway Wall Décor Ideas

narrow hallway wall decor ideas

Source: The Venue Report Pinterest

Make the most of a narrow staircase with a large, framed artwork. As most hallways and stairways are too narrow for accent furniture or even smaller decorative items, focus on animating your surfaces.

Spice up the wall décor even further with a statement wallpaper runner and accentuating frame to draw the gaze even more. Still not satisfied with the impact? Add extra oomph and install a sconce.

Kitchen wall décor ideas

kitchen wall decor ideas

Source: Victoria Magazine Pinterest

On the lookout for colourful kitchen ideas? With the pink walls and mismatched tiling, personality pours out from this kitchen. The large freestanding wooden kitchen island provides an abundance of workspace, while the aga range cooker acts as the heart of the kitchen.

We love how the scattered artwork adds to the personality of the room and draws the eye around the space to create a storyboard. The mismatched frames here emphasise the quirky wholesomeness of the interior, rather than creating visual confusion.

To recreate this look, keep continuity with the colour schemes. The dominating pinks and neutrals allow for more emphasised pops of colour, as seen in the black frame on the left. To do this at home, stick to a colour scheme, but introduce contrast with varying frames and art.


As a quick word of advice, we’ve noticed an increasing number of posts displaying artwork in the bathroom. While we support artwork for every occasion, try to opt for prints, rather than acrylic originals, as the steam can damage the piece. Protect art with framed glass for an interior design that will last!

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Kayleigh Jordan