Choosing the Right Material for Your Frames 

Interior decorating ideas are often presented as a choice of design and colour. And while those factors are essential, we often forget how much impact material has.

Material is especially important with photo frames. For example, if you’re looking for a silver or gold photo frame, it’s unlikely that it’ll be crafted from those metals (unless you are feeling especially luxuriant) – so the material you choose will define the effect of the gold or silver photo frame.

As with most interior decorating ideas, it’s best not to overthink your selections. Instead, a little guidance and knowledge are all that’s required. This way, we can be confident that our pictures can be presented perfectly.

Here are the types of frames you are most likely to be choosing from:

Photo frame materials

  • Wood effect photo frame
  • Wooden photo frame (hardwoods)
  • Metal photo frame (aluminium)
  • Metal effect photo frame

Each has certain qualities that align them with certain styles of interiors, pictures, and art. Below, we’ll discuss which materials complement which of these styles …

Metallics are usually presented as part of an industrial interior, but photo frames with this rendering can lead to style overkill. As we’ll discuss below, industrial-influenced interiors often work better when they imitate, rather than incorporate, metallics.

The uniqueness of metal frames invites those extra special memories. These frames have a feel of the commemorative and celebratory, and it’s these kinds of pictures that embellished metal frames can enrich.

Metal effect photo frame

Metal Frame 

Now that we’ve established that metals are preferable for ceremonial pics, what about interior decorating ideas for home bars, dining areas and creative spaces with industrial-style interiors?

Many interior stylists will advise using silvers in industrial interiors but avoid using photo frames. This is because, with modern, urban and contemporary loft-style can be considered a little excessive.

And while this can be true of authentic metals, brushed effect photo frames are a little more subdued, meaning they can sit comfortably in contemporary interiors. They work especially well with minimalistic art and photography.

The Richmond Brushed Modern Photo Frame is available in both gold and silver, its brushed effect calming its exuberance. Its versatility and minimalism make it ideal for the interior trends of 2022. 

Kayleigh Jordan