What better way to commemorate key moments in your little cherub’s life than with perfect baby picture frames?

Our little ones have a funny way of growing up right in front of us, and with a blink of an eye, they’re suddenly teenagers and off to college…

If you want to preserve those precious memories and encapsulate them in a gorgeous frame, we’re here to tell you exactly how.

New baby photo frames

When your little bundle of joy first appears in your life, you’ll no doubt spend a great amount of time photographing them, taking every opportunity to capture each moment of cuteness.

Naturally, you’ll want to proudly display these pictures wherever you can all around the home, and baby picture frames are the perfect choice.

We recommend choosing the Cornwall range of frames, as the soft, neutral tones perfectly embody the purity and freshness of a new born while being the perfect home for your delicate and precious memories. 

Better yet, the cream background mount looks just like a soft baby banket, and it’s as if the frame itself is cradling your baby photo in a doting display of affection.

Within this collection, you can choose from classic frames and also collage and love heart frames, so you can find the perfect baby photo frame for your pictures.

Combine your memories

With so many adorable pictures to choose from, it can be really hard to select just one for your baby picture frame.

However, thanks to the convenience of collage frames that allow for multiple pictures to be displayed within one frame, you have the creative freedom to combine all your favourite shots into one big, happy, memory.

This is a great way to proudly display your little one’s growth and achievements, whether this is on a monthly or yearly basis, and can act as a constant reminder of just how far your little one has come under your love and care.

If you love nothing more than to dress your baby in adorable outfits for special occasions such as Halloween and Christmas, these frames are actually perfect for making a compilation of all the most memorable outfits over the years (and can be the perfect thing to whip out at their 18th birthday party for a bit of classic embarrassment from mum and dad).

Sometimes, the biggest moments need the biggest frames…

Undeniably, bringing new life into the world is a huge achievement, and such an achievement deserves nothing less than pride and place on your wall, displayed in the biggest and best possible frame you can find.

It’s common for new parents to organise a professional photoshoot for their little one, and such high quality images cannot be confined to one small frame – instead, they should be displayed for all to see.

If you do have some stunning professional shots of your bundle of joy, we recommend a clean and precise frame, such as one from the Padstow range.

Not only will the minimalist frame compliment such clean and high resolution imagery, but it will also make sure that the picture will remain the focus, not distracting from the star of the show – your baby! 

Adorn your little one’s rooms with gorgeous artwork

As well as finding the perfect frames to display cherished pictures of your baby, you may also be interested in decorating the perfect room for them – a haven where they can play, dream, and grow, surrounded by comforting images and engaging artwork.

As we know, art is incredibly important to a child’s development, and can be vital towards the development of communicative, social, and problem solving skills, as well as inspiring self-expression and creativity.

We like to think that hanging up baby-friendly artwork in some picture frames can be the perfect addition to your baby’s room.

Soft, pastel tones and sweet illustrations of animals are a go-to for baby bedroom décor and can be perfectly matched with your chosen interior design. And let’s be honest, they really are too cute to resist!

Need some help choosing your frames?

If you’re looking for the perfect baby picture frame for your home and you’re not sure where to start, please feel free to browse our collection of frames.

If you’re really stuck, you can always feel free to get in touch with a member of the team – we’d be more than happy to help you find the perfect baby picture frame for your need.

Kayleigh Jordan