Not only is your house your home, your safe place, your comfort zone, but for the socialites and extroverts, it’s a place for social gatherings, parties, you name it!

And with this in mind, as an avid dinner party host, you may want to find ways you can decorate your home to help it stand out, creating memorable experiences for all, and you can do exactly that with unique art.

What makes art unique?

You may be wondering, what constitutes “unique art”, and we love this question.

We find it really interesting, because there are so many reasons why any one piece of art could be considered unique.

Whether it’s the weird and wonderful accumulation of shapes and patterns, a clashing of colours or simply the materials used to create the piece, every piece of art is unique in its own way.

Art is a form of expression, and every artist has their own feelings and emotions to interpret, which results in the wonderful creation of individualistic pieces that each tells their own story.

Colourful wall art ideas

So, you’re interested in introducing some colour to your home…

Conveniently, this can be done with colourful wall art, and we’ve got some great ideas of pieces that we think would look fantastic proudly displayed in any room of your home.

For example, take “Sun Flock” by Rachel Lee. The combination of the soothing aqua tones with the bright, juxtaposing orange of the sunshine come together to create a piece of art that instantly teleports you to fond memories of family holidays and days by the beach.

Colourful Art

We think this piece would look fantastic in a home office, so you can glance up and be constantly reminded of adventures, both past and future, and also enjoy a bit of brightness and colour as you work from home.

Another perfect example of a piece of colourful wall art is “Grapefruit Harvest” by Leanne Simpson. The warm shades of orange and pink are not only flattering and complimentary to one another, but really pop against the neutral, plain background.

Also, did you know that such shades, especially orange, are known to encourage feelings of happiness? Not only can this piece add a welcome splash of colour to your home, but it can also make you feel happier in the process. A win-win!

Bright Art

When it comes to placement for this piece, we think the kitchen would be ideal. Maybe these artistic depictions of mouth-watering slices of fruit could inspire you to make some juicy and fruity creations of your own in the kitchen?

Better yet, it’ll make the perfect addition to your home ready for when the summer months finally arrive!

More popular examples of funky wall art for 2022

One of the biggest trends for unique wall art that emerged in 2021, and remains popular in 2022, is the artistic interpretation of the human form.

Whether this is linework that depicts the human body in all its ebbs and flows, or abstract creations that reflect the human face, we’re seeing the human form being incorporated into all kinds of art and interior décor designs, including vases, bedding, mugs and of course, paintings, drawings and photographs.

If you’re interested in this unique art trend but you’re not sure where to start, we’ve got some perfect recommendations for you.

Take “Single Line Faces” by Sundry Society. While unique in its style, with the swirling and conjoining of different beautiful faces, the piece itself in muted in colour, so can be easily incorporated into the home.

Funky Art

The colour palette of this piece is also really on trend, with the warm neutral background and black illustrations, so you can tick multiple boxes with this one piece of art!

Don’t forget to choose the perfect frame for your unique art!

So, you’ve found your new favourite pieces of unique art, but now what?

To make the most out of your new pieces and to make sure they can be presented beautifully in your home, we recommend choosing a complementing frame.

Whether you keep it simple with your frame to let the art do the talking, or you want to get really creative and choose a frame that adds even more unique style to your chosen piece of art, we’ve got a great range of photo frames to choose from.

Are you interested in acquiring some unique wall art for your home?

Adding some unique, fantastic and strange art to your home can be just the thing it needs to come to life.

To find your perfect piece of unique art, please browse our collection of prints today.

Alternatively, if you’d like some expert recommendations or you simply have some questions about the range of art we have on offer, please feel free to get in touch with a member of the Photo Frames and Art team today.

Kayleigh Jordan