As minimalist design trends continue to dominate the interior design world, neutral wall art is becoming more and more popular with homeowners who are looking to create a peaceful, calming, and modern interior haven out of their home.

To help you jump on this trend and find the perfect pieces of neutral wall art for any room in your home, we've put together a useful guide to all the different kinds of neutral wall art you can choose from that can not only complement your existing interior design but also suit your personality.

Why are neutral colours so popular in interior design?

Neutrals in interior design are popular for many reasons.

For example, when working with a more neutral colour scheme, styling other pieces of furniture and accessories, such as photo frames, becomes easier, as you are not limited by the potential clashing of colours.

Neutral tones can either be used as intended – to be soft, neutral, and gentle to create a quiet look, or as background colours to support more dramatic accents.

Additionally, neutral colour schemes allow one's eyes to travel seamlessly between focal points, which, if you feel your house lacks in its Fung Shei, can help.

And of course, there’s some science behind this trend, too.

For example, according to, shades of grey are closely attributed to feelings of calm and neutrality, which can encourage more positive mental health and wellbeing due to bringing a sense of balance, peace, and order to your mind.

What are the main colours of a neutral colour scheme?

When you think of the word “neutral” your first thought is probably beige and cream tones, and while you wouldn’t exactly be wrong, the four most common neutrals are:

  • Black – this is a powerful neutral tone, adding authority, weight, and dominance, while of course, being timeless.
  • White – clean and pure, white evokes sensations of freshness and can lift any room where it is featured.
  • Brown – a neutral shade that has grown in popularity recently, brown is grounding and humbling in its tones.
  • Grey – whether warm shades are used to add comfort, or cooler tones for professionalism, grey is such a versatile neutral shade.

However, the neutral colour palette has expanded over the years to make room for more shades, with blues and greens now being included due to their connection with, and reflection of, mother nature and the elements.

These colours are perfect for those who are fans of simple modern art, who wish to add something classic and timeless to their home.

Neutral abstract art

Now, having neutral wall art doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be boring! In fact, you can still incorporate the fun, edgy intrigue of abstract art within the neutral colour scheme, so if you’re worried about your house losing its personality as you transition to a more neutral colour scheme, you can happily cast your worries aside!

We think Summer View II | Dan Hobday piece is a beautiful example of a neutral piece of wall art that not only incorporates some of the main neutral tones on the palette but also offers a feast for the eyes, with swirling and swooping lines.

Black and white framed art

Perhaps one of the most classic staples when it comes to neutral wall art is black and white framed art.

Whether you opt for softer tones to emit graceful elegance or more dramatic pieces with harsher contrast for extra added impact, black and white framed art can be easily incorporated into the home and bring with it a sense of style and sophistication.

Minimal Black 1 by Dan Hobday would make the perfect addition to your living room space. With no overly harsh lines or edges, this piece is perfect for a snug or living room and adds style without being overbearing.

So, there you have it – an understanding of the importance of neutral tones in interior design, as well as some ideas on how you can get started with your mission to find the perfect neutral framed art for your home.

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