The arrival of spring brings many things – from gorgeous flora and fauna in abundance, scattering across fields in pretty colours and patterns, to fresh, clean scents and the awakening of nature and wildlife…

It’s only natural that, with all this new-found life, colour and freshness, people look not only to deep clean their homes, but also to redecorate, with the aim of capturing the very essence of spring in their homes.

We’ve put together some of our top tips for how to update framed art to capture the best of the season.

1. Find some new art

Perhaps the best place to start with tired interiors is with some fresh new art!

If you’ve been meaning to update your frames for a while, why not combine this with your spring cleaning activities for the ultimate spring refresh?

We love to give our interiors a sprucing for spring, and sometimes, the best update you can make is to go for something entirely new and different…

Opt for light frames filled with nature-inspired prints, such as flowers and birds, and adorn your walls with the essence of spring (after you’ve given them a good scrubbing, of course!).

2. Get creative with your framing techniques

Gone are the days of simply popping a picture or piece of art in a frame and forgetting about it – there are many ways you can frame your art that can reflect your creativity and give your frames a new lease of life!

Why not try mounting your art on some decorative paper or fabric in complementing colours? You could also paint the mount of the frame if you were feeling extra creative and wanted to indulge in some DIY to unwind after your intense spring cleaning session…

This little technique adds newfound depth and dimension to any frame, allowing you to update the frame without having to replace the whole thing (or its contents!).

 3. Introduce bright wall art

The winter months have denied us of colour for far too long, so its time to harness the bright and colourful energy of spring and find ways to incorporate this into your home – specifically – with art and frames.

Whether this is through colourful wall art or bright abstract art, the spring season is all about colour in all its beauty - pastels, bright tones, you name it - so you should look to add these tones and colour palettes to update your frames in line with the season.

We think that bright wall art looks so inviting when hung up in the hallway or entranceway of your home. If this is an area that is currently undecorated, why not display some colourful art pieces here to welcome your guests?


4. Experiment with simple modern art

Don’t overthink it or get overwhelmed – modern art doesn’t need to be intimidating.

In fact, these days, it encompasses a wide range of art styles including neutral art, which is not only easily incorporated into the home, but also the perfect colour palette for spring - the creamy beige tones make us think of freshly washed clothes, hanging up on the line to dry in a light spring breeze…

Not sure where to start with modern art pieces? Why not try combining them with older frames for that “old meets new” aesthetic?

This gives you the best of both worlds: some new art, with the chance to reuse old frames.

 5. Add some decoration to existing frames

If you’ve got some plain frames currently encasing your pieces of art, why not find some ways to update the frame itself?

Neutral toned frames, such as ones from our Cornwall collection can be easily decorated in a plethora of ways to make them look brand new.


Particularly, adding hardware to the corners of a frame can really elevate its look, and can be done affordably whilst looking really effective!

You could also try your hand at painting frames if you had a specific vision in mind for your spring décor.

How will you be updating your frames?

There are so many ways you can update framed art, and the choice of how to do that is entirely up to you and your preferred interior style (and perhaps your ability with arts and crafts…).

Here at Photo Frames and Art, we have a wide range of spring art that could make the perfect addition to any freshly spring-cleaned room in the home.

Feel free to browse our art collections at your leisure, or alternatively, get in touch with a member of the PF&A team today if you would like some help or have any questions!

Kayleigh Jordan