With so many modern art framing ideas available, selecting the correct frame can feel like an art in itself. There are frame colours to consider, borders to contemplate and displays to ponder.

Then there is matching the right room, with the correct frame, for the ideal artwork. Before we realise it, several weekends have passed - and our ideas for framing modern art are double the number of frames we’ve got around to hanging!

So, at Photo Frames & Art, we’ve simplified the process by reducing the task to its essence: how to frame a canvas or modern art print as best as possible?

To keep the exercise as easy and efficient as is practical, we’ve broken down our modern art framing ideas into what works best, room-by-room, with art included.

And remember, our homes do not have to mirror an art gallery. Most of us do not possess original oil paintings of the great modern masters. To achieve optimum modern art framing, we require only simple prints that emanate character, originality and charm.

Living room frames

living room frames photo frames & art

When we consider how to frame a canvas for a living room, it is preferable to opt for soft and neutral tones. This allows us to update and refresh our interior décor without needing to overhaul the entire living space.

For the same reason, it is best to select art that doesn’t veer strongly into a distinct style type. This doesn’t mean we ought to avoid flair entirely, but instead be considered and careful in our artwork choice. Our recommendation is the Pink Umbrellas – ‘Eiffel Tower’ Grey Frame.

This shot of the famous monument – in juxtaposition with an umbrella-wielding flaneur – recalls the gallic romance of the great 20th century photographers that captured Paris in black and white. And its little pink flourish aligns it perfectly with 21st century décor.

Kitchen picture frames

Kitchen Picture Frames Photo Frames & Art

Modern art framing in kitchens is becoming a key interior design trend. More than any other room, idiosyncratic designs work especially well here, particularly when they reflect culinary themes.

In the kitchen space, we want the character of the art to command the frame. Small embellishments are welcome, but the frame should be kept simple and unintrusive. The French Kitchen ‘Tomate’  frame, with is chic silver inner-frame, is fitting example of how modern kitchen art synchronises with minimalist interiors.

One of the reasons hung kitchen art has undergone a revival is because contemporary interpretations work with the sleekest of modern kitchens. They no longer appeal only to kitsch sensibilities or county home-style décor, but to prevailing interior trends.

Bedroom picture frames

Bedroom Picture Frames Photo Frames & Art

The reintroduction of black as a primary or secondary tone is one of our favourite interiors design styles of recent years.

So often has black been utilised by interior designers throughout the last decade, it is sometimes referred to as ‘the 10-year trend’.

The value of including black accessories in the home is that slip easily into modern interiors. A black frame delivers gravitas and instant elegance.

That’s why the Jack Vettriano ‘Night Calls’ frame is our choice for bedrooms. Its nocturnal tones are ideal for a room of rest and repose.

Our bedrooms allow for bolder artworks since they are spaces in which we spend time in solitude with those closest to us. ‘Night Calls’ encapsulates this perfectly.

Picture frames for children’s room

Picture Frames for children's Room

Contemplating how best to frame a canvas for a kids’ room can be a little tricky. We are not necessarily aiming here for the latest interior trends, but styles that reflect our children’s tastes.

The enduring appeal of Disney characters is a terrific way to arrange décor in our kids' rooms. Our Minnie Mouse and Donald Duck pieces incorporate modern art framing ideas without appearing too adult or lacking in age-appropriate charm and character.

Such as the gorgeous rendering of the art, these frames will, no doubt, find themselves hung upon your kids’ rooms for years to come.

Bathroom picture frames

Bathroom picture frames

The traditional idea of the bathroom as a place to wash has evolved. We are now increasingly viewing this spaces as a place to spend time and relax. And with this evolution comes new décor and accessories such as candles, oil diffusers, spa baths – and framed art.

The trick here is to reflect that utility of the room, in the same way we add art to kitchens. We’ve selected art that recalls the moment we add the perfecting touch to our outfit before we step into the waiting taxi – applying a mist of our favourite fragrance.


Study Room Photo Frames & Art

In our studies and office spaces, we tend to opt for art that reflects a tone of leaning and wisdom. And with good reason, since we are in space where we are engaged with work and endeavour.

To vary the nature of the art in the room, we love to introduce monochrome maps of our favourite cities and destinations.

Our recommendation is the New York City Blacked Framed Art Picture. Its instantly recognisable landscape combined with its inspiring culture and history makes for a perfect black and white print. And whenever we are running low on stimulus, a quick glance at the Big Apple is enough to encourage a burst of creativity …

Kayleigh Jordan