Coloured photo frames are an interior designer’s ace-up-the sleeve. They are an affordable, practical and effortless way of bringing vibrant new life into tired interiors.

With the right choice of coloured picture frame, the eye is drawn to a picture, a room is reimagined, and key features are highlighted.

Something so simple can have such an impact on a room and can change its mood, vibe and atmosphere.

So, before you a begin a grand overhaul of your interiors, let our guide to colourful picture frames offer tips to save time and money - while maximising the potential of your rooms.

The Pink Photo Frame

Pink photo frame photoframes & art

Soft and subtle, yet the perfect pop of colour, let’s begin with one of our boldest coloured photo frames – the Coral Pink Frame.

Complementary colours for pink photo frames include aqua greens, lime greens, purples, blues, greys – the opportunities to create the perfect pair are endless.

If accessories and ornaments in your chosen room have an aquatic or bolder, brighter green tones, then this pink frame will provide a perfectly complementary accent.

However, the magic of this frame is the way it electrifies cool grey interiors. Bedrooms and bathrooms that require enlivening need only a few pink coloured photo frames, ideally including black and white pictures.

The Red Photo Frame

Red Photo Frames Photoframes & Art

The red colour trend is one that prevails because it can be used as monochromatic theme without becoming dull. Warm and earthy, red is the perfect companion for neutral rooms.

An entirely red interior delivers a sense of regal. When disrupted with whites, silvers or blacks, the precise tone of red that is used, matters little. Do not unnecessarily fret trying to precisely match hues, as sometimes a combination of tones proves to be somewhat artistic.

The exception to that rule is wall-hung frames on similarly coloured walls, particularly distinctly coloured photo frames. The Raspberry Red Photo Frame works splendidly on slightly lighter toned red walls, or on something much more contrasting.

If you're thinking of adding red to complement rather than dominate a room, then maximalist rooms with ornaments, trinkets and decor in shades of orange, dark blues and deep purples will find red photo frames a harmonizing accompaniment for the perfect moody yet maximalist vibe.

The Light Blue Photo Frame 

Light BLue Photo Frame Photoframes&Art

Bold primary palettes are major interior trend for 2021, making blue, of any shade or tone, the perfect option.

Coloured photo frames in minimalist rooms can present a challenge. Subdued tones (greys, whites, silvers) that tend to dictate minimal contemporary rooms can benefit greatly from the addition of colourful picture frames. But the choice of frame must be astute.

A light blue picture frame can provide the solution. It is a balanced enough shade to deliver character without overwhelming a room and supplies the perfect accent to clean modern rooms.

For those that are looking to add further colour to rooms, pair the Light Blue Frame with cool toned neutrals, sky and azure blues and turquoise. These colour schemes sit especially well in bathrooms.

The Dark Blue Photo Frame 

Dark Blue Photoframes& Art

Blue photo frames are a popular choice for bedrooms. They have a calming and restful tone, yet are still bold and can make a statement.

These dark blue tones compliment rooms with a both a minimalist and maximalist feel and are often well suited to monochrome themes. Pair with metallic golds and silvers for a little glitz and glam, too.

For the past few years, we have seen blue become a prominent interior colour trend, as it moves from the bedroom to front rooms, kitchens and dining rooms.

Blue photo frames can bring rooms into thematic alignment if utilised as a secondary colour, accompanying ornaments and accessories of similar hues.

For a variety of coloured photo frames, you can discover and shop the entire Photo Frames & Art colourful photo frames range.

Kayleigh Jordan