After spending much of our time indoors over the last year or so, it comes as no surprise that homeowners are keen to shake up their home décor.

That, combined with the ongoing need to save instead of splurge, makes it somewhat of a difficult task to give your living room the ultimate makeover.

However, with effortless decoration, retouching and a spot of styling, your living room can be transformed in just seven simple steps that will be kind to your pockets, too.

Here are some living room ideas if you’re on a budget...

1. Wallpaper art

Black Photo Frames with Art on Wall with Flowers and Vase on Shelf

Styling your home needs to be practical, as well as affordable. And wallpaper art provides you with exactly that.

Allowing the easy implementation of seasonal and trend-driven change, utilising this simple yet effective hack, requires only wallpaper and good quality photo frames.

We advise selecting somewhat of a neutral frame, which can then be offset with bold and colourful wallpaper designs which can be sourced from unused rolls or bought from your favourite supplier.

For something slightly more daring or vintage, visit your local charity shop, car boot sale or flea market. You may find exactly what you’re looking and for a surprisingly small cost! Vintage wallpapers may just provide the perfect centrepiece for your living room.

Wallpaper art works especially well in living rooms that have muted decor. Incorporating themes via the wallpaper pattern, such as floral, animals or abstract, brings an instant burst of character, without the need to redecorate the entire room.  

And as taste, trends and seasons evolve, it's merely a case of sourcing new wallpapers, cutting them to size (remember, it’s better to have more than not enough!) and hanging the frames as and where you please.

2. Crate coffee tables

Whilst this may seem complex and your first instinct may be to call in the help of a professional, fear not – this is a simple and affordable construction. There are lots of guides available on how best to do so.

The key lies within your choice of crate. It must complement the rest of your interiors, and there are plenty of options available.

Wooden Crate Table with Flower and Vase on Top and Brown Sofa

Whilst some may opt for a more rustic, aged and characterful look, others may choose something slightly cleaner and more minimalistic. It is entirely up to you!

If you fancy your hand at a little more DIY, consider something more worn and you have yourself a little project! Opt for paint, varnish or a simple layer of wood wax, and your coffee table will be good to go.

3. Scaffold board shelves

Reclaimed scaffold boards are a shortcut to on-trend shelving and sit perfectly above a sofa. They evoke an aged, hand-crated feel and lend themselves to ornaments, worn photo frames and bric-a-brac.

A quick visit to a local wood yard, or a brief search online should be enough for you to find what you need.

Then, choosing brackets is the limit of your sourcing and spending efforts. You can sand, varnish and add wood stain to taste, but much like the coffee table, it’s entirely down to personal and interior preference.

4. Shutter side tables

Whilst we all enjoy the dreamy sunlight that peaks through the slats of shutters, this isn’t always accessible, or affordable, to everyone.

However, if you’d like to incorporate the feel and allure of the likes of Mediterranean villages or Provance into your living room, it is a relatively simple task to assemble a side table made out of reclaimed shutters.

A lick of paint, a spot of DIY and the job’s a good’un.

5. Nautical vase

Eucalyptus Plant in Brown Woven Look Vase

The simplest of our recommendations is the nautical vase. And all it requires is rope, a vase and some glue. Oh, and a patient hand.

Choose the rope dependant on your taste, combining textures and thickness to suit. The vase, and how much of it you cover is again, entirely up to you!

Remember to start at the base and twist. You’ll want to add glue to the inside of the rope, and this is best achieved with a glue gun. Tweezers will pluck away any glue that secretes to front of the rope.

6. Half-painted gallery

We adore the gallery wall trend and in particular, this refreshing, contemporary take on its enduring appeal. The fun here is hunting for the framed art that you wish to half-paint.

If you’re hunting through antique stores for art, you can switch the picture for a new frame, or you can do the exact opposite, and purchase new art and switch for an older frame. Browse a good art and photo frame supplier and decide the best fit for your gallery wall.

Then it’s simply a case of selecting a paint that will tie together each element of the gallery. Try to avoid single colours and instead create a palate that enhances both room and display.

7. Crate bookshelves

Another crate choice is as swift as the first and equally as distinct. If you’re a little perturbed about technical skills needed for this, there are a lot of walkthroughs that offer guidance. You’ll need little more than the basics.

Adhere to the principals of crate selection outlined in the coffee table tips. In short, it’s best to acquire worn-in boxes then you can later enhance with washed-out, bohemian feel.

If you're lucky enough to find the perfect crates, paint may not be necessary. But, where it is, the recommendation is to opt for dark oak-type colours, or, depending on existing décor, pastels will provide a pleasing alternative.

Has that got you feeling inspired? With these budget DIY tips and tricks, there’s now no excuse to refresh your space.

The PF+A Team x

Kayleigh Jordan