Framing posters is a trend that doesn’t look like it’s going
away anytime soon. 

Social Media plays a big part in how people want their homes to look and of course sharing your home to Instagram means that it needs to look good. 
There are so many great artists selling their work via social media
channels and marketplaces, for example Etsy, so it is easy to find something

There is a budget to suit everyone and this means you can change the posters on a regular basis if you wish.

Most artists will use A6 through to A2 for their art. Photographers will use more traditional sizes such as 7x5 and 10x8. 
We have over 25 different styles of frame with approximately 60 different
sizes available.  This may be daunting but please check out our blog on sizing if you need any help, or contact us,  where one of our friendly team will help with your query