Whilst the gallery wall continues to reign current trends, we are seeking new ways to personalise our décor.

This particular trend is one that is entirely doable, no matter your DIY skillset or capabilities.

After spending the bank holiday’s spring cleaning, now is the perfect time to redecorate, refresh and revamp our homes.

So, here are a few simple and budget-friendly DIY picture frame ideas.

What you will need;

  • Good quality photo frames
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Your imagination

1. Memories

Perhaps the most obvious of choices, however this doesn’t have to consist of just photos.

Whilst photos are a great choice, I’m sure we can be a bit more creative. With this one, there really is no limit!

Think outside the box as much as possible here. Maybe you have some old, yet memorable cinema tickets stored in a memory box, family heirlooms, or bits from your baby box. This list really does go on.

The memories could relate entirely to your current home, friends, your children, your parents, or even your pets. Whatever means the most to you – frame it!

We would suggest opting for a frame that suits the nature and characteristics of your memories. For example, if you’re adding something slightly newer to a frame, then choose a frame that is modern and minimalistic. However, if your memory is somewhat dated and old-fashioned, opt for a frame that is a little more vintage in style.

2. Dried flowers and plants

We’re all familiar with having plants and flowers dotted around the house, but have you ever considered framing them?

For some of us, it can be a difficult task keeping our favourite plants and flowers alive, however with the ability to dry them, we never have to worry again.

Dry Bouquet in White Vase on Shelf

There are lots of guides available on how best to dry your flowers but, regardless of your selection or method, you will need to select the right frame for your gallery.  

Framing dried flowers and plants is the perfect way to add a pop of colour, florals and a hint of wilderness to your home.

However, with such a carefully selected centrepiece, you should opt for a simple frame with little to no embellishment, allowing the dried flowers to take centre stage.

From lavender and daisies to eucalyptus, your options really are endless.

3. Wedding tokens

Whilst similar to the point above, adding small tokens from your wedding day could make the perfect DIY frame.

Instead of a guest book, ask your guests to sign corks or wooden hearts, and use these to fill a photo frame. It will add a personal touch to your home, whilst collating memories from your special day in an entirely unique way.

Or, if you’ve saved confetti, name cards or menus, these could also make sweet fillings for your photo frames.

Various Sized Wooden Shaped Hearts on Jute Background

4. Handwritten notes, letters and quotes

Continuing along the sentimental theme, framing a handwritten note or letter from a loved one could make the perfect addition to any room in your home.

Whether you’ve collated notes or drawings from your children over the years, or have some precious letters from family members, pop these in a frame that suits both its contents and the surrounding interior.

Similarly, if there’s a particular quote or saying that you’re fond of, grab your nicest pen or ask somebody close to you to write it down. Then all you have to do is frame it – giving something a touch more sentiment.

5. Jigsaw puzzles

Something slightly more unique, but if you find yourself to be a dab hand at jigsaw puzzles, then why not frame your favourite one?

Jigsaws are renowned for their stunning imagery. From skylines and busy cities to TV shows and films, you can find absolutely anything in the form of a puzzle.

But alas, you no longer have to break up that jigsaw to put it back in the box after spending hours, days, or even weeks working on it.

So, if you’re looking for a signature piece for your home office, nursery or living areas, then stand out from the crowd and frame a jigsaw puzzle.

So, how are you going to DIY a photo frame? Get crafting!

The PF+A Team x

Kayleigh Jordan