Definition of gallery; a room or building for the display or sale of works of art.
The word gallery conjures up a wall of photographs or art interspersed with quotes.  Add a few decorative items and perhaps a few fairy lights and “voila” your very own gallery wall.  It is a really easy way to add colour onto a plain wall and no need for wallpaper.  This is a trend that does not look as if it is going away anytime soon.
We know that you all have been busy creating your own gallery walls because we have never been busier, which we are very thankful for.  You have also been tagging us in your photos which is great because it inspires others to do the same and so the circle continues.
The internet is full of ideas to plan your gallery, a favourite being Pinterest.  We have added lots of ideas to our Pinterest account (Photoframes&art) for you to look through.  There is no rule on how your gallery wall should look.  Inspiration comes from others, but it will always be your own because of what you choose to put in the frames.  Travel seems to be a very popular feature, with lots of you adding photos of places you have visited in the past or posters of places that you wish to go when we are able to.  Obviously, family and friends play a big part, and black and white photos are always a popular option.  There are some great small businesses that print fantastic quotes, personalised phrases, and words.  More importantly there are artists that create amazing original art.  Another collection that is very popular now are our Vinyl and CD frames.  This is a great way to showcase your favourite albums and you can change them whenever it takes your fancy.
Planning is key to making your gallery work.  You could start with a favourite piece to make a focal point and work around that or if you have all your frames ready then lay them out on the floor to see how they fit together or take photos of them and play around with them on your computer, you do not need any fancy programs to do this.  There is also an option, which a lot of you have favoured, of the same frame in quantities of 3 to make a square gallery wall.  A picture hanging tool for marking the position of your frames is a great tool to purchase for this as accuracy is key. Of course, gallery walls do not have to be fixed to a wall.  Ledge shelves are a great way to display your frames in any room.  They are very popular above the sofa or bed and in kids rooms they can grow with them.  A very easy and simple way to change the look of your room.
We have added a Gallery Wall collection to our store and are continuing to add to the collection.  Buying a gallery wall set from us is a great starter and you can easily add to the gallery with our wide range of frames.  Keeping tagging and sharing your photos with us.
The PF+A Team x
Kayleigh Jordan