Baby Milestone 23x23" Cotswold Stone Multi Frame

The Cotswold is a beautiful matt style frame with space for each month of baby's first year and an extra large space in the centre. Available sizes - 23x23" With Mount For 12 4x4 and 1 9x9 image's Width of the moulding - 4.2cm The measurements shown are internal – not the overall frame size - All frames are measured from the glass and MDF at the back, this ensures that your photo fits perfectly with no movement. The visible area at the front of the frame will be slightly smaller than the size of your photo, this is true of any photo frame Mount - The mount is a border that will go around your chosen print/photo, the smaller size shown is the size suitable for this frame using the mount. All mounts are completely removable. Window - This frame is fitted with a high-quality perspex window, making this safer for a baby/childs room. DISPLAY - Fixings are attached to allow for wall hanging in either portrait or landscape, this frame does not have a stand.